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Why Papillon Rouge?

Design should be fun and exhilarating; not something to be dreaded. The biggest source of dread is when a design company overcharges and kicks you out of the entire process. At Papillon Rouge, we make sure you're included in the process and we have weekly meetings to check in and discuss the progress we've made. With us, you'll be a part of the creation of your vision, and your wallet will thank you.

Not just a design agency.

At Papillon Rogue, we want to give back. That's why we're raising money to start the Papillon Rouge Appreticeship Program. With exorbitant university prices, not enough financial aid, and economic crisis, we want to start a school that will teach design to those who cannot go to university.

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Employee Owned & Operated

Every member of our team owns a portion of our company.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services. The majority of our clients combine various options to create their brand.

Web Design

Custom Code, WordPress, & eCommerce Websites

$1,200* per build

Work with our dev team to develop your website.
We have different web design packages to fit every need. From a simple portfolio to a fully developed brand marketplace. The possibilities are endless.

*Average cost of a basic wordpress site build

Graphic Design

Logos, Fonts, Packaging Design, Brochures, & More

$250* per design

Our design team works in tandem with you.
We have multiple design services ranging from logos to billboards. We'll help build your designs from the ground up with you in the driver's seat.
For print or screen, we'll design it.

*Average cost of middle tier logo design


Combinations of our various services from our other packages.

$375* brand creation

It's often that you need more than one specific service. Sometimes you need a logo for your personal brand and management of your social media to promote that brand.
Bring us your ideas, and we'll build it.

*Basic brand creation package


Social Media Design & Management

$100* per week

Marketing can be exhausting.
Let our Marketing team develop campaigns and manage your social media accounts so you don't have to.
We create, you review, we post.

*Basic Media Management Package (1 post/week)

Video & Photo

Headshots, Commercials, Product Photography, & More

$75* per hour / $200* per minute

Professional photo & video make your company stand out.
We'll handle all your media, from writing the script, to producing & shooting video, to editing.
It's all included.

*Middle tier photo option
*Middle tier video option (2 person crew & 3 cameras)

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Our Process

You're the captain

You're at the helm of your vision. Our job is to support you in bringing it to life. In our process, we work closely with you to guarantee your vision is being executed your way.



We'll sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss your business' goals. We'll talk about our various packages and the ones we would suggest for your needs. We'll also discuss pricing. While our prices reflect our value, we also want to make design accessible to everyone, so if you need pricing flexibility, we'll help you out. Just ask.



We'll plan out the phases of the development process. We'll go over color pallets, design content, web layout, and more. We make a plan for everything and then have a weekly check-in where we'll go over the progress we've made each week. We'll also make milestones that we'll hit each week.



Once we finalize our plan and timeline, we create wireframes and a design comp for your review. This process involves various reviews, approvals, and close communication between you and our creative team. We design everything from your color pallet to your logo.



With our plan & design comps as our guide, the dev team begins to create your finalized content. Our entire team works to add content, finalize design elements, review, & test your various designs. for quality.



Once the development phase is finished, you look over everything in your final review. We test everything with you and walk through the designs to make sure they are what you want, guaranteed.



After we finish our testing and review, we'll deliver all your designs for official use and/or launch. We'll launch your website, make marketing posts, and spread the word about your new brand!